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custom bonsai containers and creative creations

At MC2Pottery.com you can purchase distinctive pottery pieces, or order your own custom-made Bonsai container to your specifications. All pottery pieces are handmade in Cosby, Tennessee by Michele and Charles Smith using only high quality stoneware clay that is completely vitreous (non-porous) and extremely durable.

All of our work is one of a kind and we will work with you to create the perfect personalized piece for your needs. We also have an inventory of pottery that can be purchased and sent to you if you don’t want to wait.

Please enjoy browsing either our Ceramic Art Gallery or our Bonsai Gallery. If you are interested in seeing more or purchasing work please email us. We will send you pictures of work in our current inventory that may suit your needs.

Join our contact list for updates on shows, exhibits and events, and feel free to follow us on facebook.